05 Aug 2020


Lockdown has brought the financial toll to many people. Unemployment has peaked to an all-time high. As traditional businesses are closing down but online businesses are booming. This has created a new avenue for employment. We, as an employewala are striving hard to provide you with employment during this tough time. We have gathered a useful list of 5 ways to make extra money from home during the lockdown, both in the short and long term.


1. Become an Instructor online:

The number of parents looking for online classes for their kids has increased exponentially as schools and colleges have closed. If you have a profound knowledge of a given subject, excellent communication skills, you can link to several Online Tutors platforms that connect tutors to students.  





    (Rs 200-500 per hour)


2. Online writing:

Some websites allow you to make money through the creation of relevant and high - quality content.


    Back2college: (Rs 4,000 + per item accepted. This is for older students)

    Listverse: (Rs 7,500 per published article.)

    iWorkWell: (Rs 15,000+ per article accepted. A HR and small-and medium-sized businesses marketplace)

    Loaded Landcapes: (Rs 1,400-10,000+ per approved post, A picture platform )


3. Earn money by selling photographs: 

If you are interested in art or have lots of photos the you can earn money by selling them online? Watch the types of photos used by media sites, forums, news channels, YouTubers over the past few weeks. Companies and businesses are making much more online content so that you can make money from the right images and subjects. Start shooting pictures of these styles to maintain pace with what is available in the market.







    (Rs 100-300+ per image downloaded)


4. Amazon Mechanical Turk:  

The premise of Amazon MTurk is that certain things are still possible for people to do more efficiently than machines. Employing big, temporary staff to do tasks such as imaging, video analysis, data collection, assessments, audio recording transcriptions, and more these roles can be time - consuming, expensive and difficult to scale. Amazon Turk reaches the venue.

 What sort of work on Amazon Mechanical Turk is available?

    >Tagging objects in an image for quest or advertisement promotion.

    >Help companies to pick the best picture for a product.

    >Review photos or videos posted by users to moderate content.

    >Satellite imaging detection and recognition of artifacts.

    >Translation of text into languages.

    >Data categorization based on instructions.  


    Amazon Mechanical Turk

    (Rs 250- 400 per hour)


5. Get rewarded for addressing research and business issues: 

Organizations also need external support to solve problems or improve their products. Problem resolver requires in-depth knowledge of their topic and a unique approach. To research current challenges and apply the ideas you should register at Innocentive. The subjects vary from healthcare to technology and product design. You can earn between Rs1500000–Rs7000000 for a successful solution and professional appreciation. 



    (Rs15,00,000–Rs70,00,000+ for a successful solution)